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Term teaching

EC2B1 - Macroeconomics II [as course manager] (22/23)​

- Teaching Bonus Award

EC321 - Monetary Economics and Aggregate Fluctuations (20/21, 21/22)

​- LSE Class Teacher Award (21/22)

- Nominated for "Exceptional Teaching in an Unprecedented Year" (20/21)

- Teaching Bonus Award (20/21 & 21/22)

EC400 - Probability & Statistics (20/21)​​

EC325 - Public Economics (19/20)

​- Teaching Bonus Award

Summer school teaching

EC101 - Introductory Microeconomics (2019)​

EC102 - Introductory Macroeconomics (2019)​

Student Evaluations


21/22 Academic Year


"AMAZING (can't stress this enough) class slides, very 'down-to-earth' and intuition-based teaching style, mindful of challenges and difficulties specific to the exam. This was one of my best class experiences during my degree at LSE and greatly contributed to my satisfaction with the course as a whole."


"He made very complex content seem easy by approaching it from an intuitive way. Overall, a brilliant teacher."


"Very good at spending time summarising the recent lecture content. Probably one of the best teachers, as he really put effort into teaching."


"This teacher has been doing a great job at explaining both the big picture concepts of the course and the minutiae of the algebra. Besides preparing resources that went above and beyond what any other teacher did - he was always there in case there were questions and was never annoyed or in a hurry. Furthermore, he encouraged further self-study and actively supported me and friends in pursuing my interests related to the course."


"Excellent at building intuition and emphasizing important aspects of the curriculum - builds confidence by including class members in an interactive and meaningful way and offers great office hours."


"The teacher is able to break down complex concepts to make them intuitive in the class setting. He makes an effort to involve students and makes references to the broader field of Economics aiming to get broad understanding by students of the concepts covered in class. Further, he is available during office hours to explain even more in-depth and go beyond class content. It is a real pleasure to have him as a teacher."


20/21 Academic Year


"The way in which he communicates ideas and explains the problem set is really helpful. The classes are clear and my understanding of the lecture has improved greatly."


"Very good at applying concepts delivered in lectures. Extra resources, such as his own slides which extend on the problem set solutions are excellent supplements."


"Yannick is extremely proactive in his teaching- he often comes up with different ways of approaching a concept taught in lecture to ensure we are able to understand it fully from various angles, and extrapolates lecture content to scenarios outside of what was taught in the lecture material to ensure deeper understanding and to ready his students for the exam. Yannick is also very forthcoming and helpful outside of the classroom, in the office hours, and goes the extra mile to help students learn."


"I have asked him a lot of questions this year via email and his responses are always thorough and you can see that he has given thought to them, rather than just giving some wishy washy answer."


"Amazing teacher - very reliable and explains concepts clearly."


"Yannick was always willing to explain points that I followed up with him. I also liked that he enhanced the class materials with his own input. Furthermore, I appreciate that Yannick was always open to debates going beyond the problem sets and it is unfortunate that other students do not appreciate this as much. Thanks for great teaching on this course!"

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